The Corona pandemic has created unforeseen apprehensions and fear in people from all walks of life. This is more predominant in people affected with chronic ailments like diabetes, cardiac ailments and cancer. Worse is the fact that COVID-19 has taken centre stage not only in society but also in health care facilities. In the prevailing situation, care of people with cancer and other ailments is not a priority or at times even neglected. This has enhanced the anxiety and apprehensions in people affected with cancer and their family members as unlike in diabetes or arthritis delay in treatment can lead to aggressive growth of cancer and kill the affected individual.

In view of all these apprehensions, Dr. Suresh Rao the director of Mangalore Institute of Oncology gave a series of talks to empower the general population with appropriate knowledge on Daijiworld Tv 24×7, V4 News Live, Muktha News 24×7 and Namma Kudla 24×7. Dr. Rao addressed aspects like the risk of cancer patients likely to be infected with COVID-19; how to manage cancer treatment during COVID-19 pandemic; The type of treatment to be used to control cancer without increasing risk of COVID infection; the precautions and care to be taken by patients to prevent infection and development of COVID-19 during treatment of cancer, the guidelines to be followed by patients with cancer who develop symptoms associated with COVID-19; and to manage both treatment during worse situations.

The links to the talks and interviews can be accessed herewith.

V4 News Live

MukthaNews 24×7