Radio Diagnosis

Modern imaging methods in radio-diagnosis are very useful in cancer detection and also in evaluating the treatment response.
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Radio Diagnosis

The radiological imaging helps radiologists accurately stage tumor and in determining the precise size and extent of the tumor, possible invasion to the adjacent organs or blood vessels, spread to regional lymph nodes and metastasis to distant organs. Due to these aspects radio-diagnosis is vital to all the three departments of cancer treatment.

The radio-diagnostic equipments present at MIO are:

  1. X ray
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Stereotactic mammography
  4. PET-CT

MIO has the state of the art facilities in radio-diagnosis and is the first centre in the entire Western Karnataka, northern Kerala and Goa to have PET-CT, a very powerful machine that can detect cancer in the whole body in one single scan.


Expertise complements technology and in addition to the state of the art diagnostic machines, we also have the services of senior experienced radiologists to obtain the exact diagnosis for the cancer patient. Our radiologists are experts in the use of ultrasound and CT guided FNA-biopsy and this is very useful in the patient diagnosis and preliminary appraisal of the tumor characteristics. The reporting time for most ultrasound tests are 1.5 hours, 1 day for CT, 3 days for PET-CT and 4 days for ultrasound guided FNA biopsy report.