Ethics is important in medical practice and applying moral principles and values to the practice of health care practice and research is vital.


The tenets of medical ethics are based on a set of values that professionals can refer to in the case of any confusion or conflict. The mission of Mangalore Institute of Oncology (MIO) is to provide affordable, high quality services for early detection and cancer treatment with utmost ethics, and in accordance to this our approach has always been to uphold the principles of Bioethics. MIO is today recognized as a Unit by the UNESCO Bioethics, and is the only centre in the world to be working on ethical issues in cancer.

The UNESCO bioethics unit was inaugurated by Professor Dr Russell Franco D’souza, the Head of Asia Pacific Division of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics Haifa on December 2nd 2017. The objective of the MIO Bioethics units is to initiate and carry out research on India specific issues in bioethics and for cancer in particular. The other goal of the unit will be to spread the knowledge of ethical aspects to the healthcare students and professionals. It also aims at integration of the ancient ethical values with the current norms in healthcare.