Public Education & Community Outreach

MIO is a leading cancer hospital in the area and is at the forefront in fight against cancer, we understand that empowering the locals is our duty.

The public education and community outreach wing of the hospital work on educative modules to

  1. Dispel myths and superstitions
  2. Create awareness of the disease and its cause
  3. To help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer,
  4. Encourage to seek treatment at an early stage
Dr. Pratima S.Rao

Dr. Pratima S.Rao

Is a senior dental professional and is vastly experienced in treating unique dental and oral health care needs of patients with various forms of cancer. She did her graduation from Nair Hospital, Mumbai and Masters from MAHE Manipal. She has twenty five years of experience in diagnosis of oral cancer and in treating and managing oral side effects and complications arising from cancer treatment.

Public Education

As a super speciality health care provider in oncology, we believe our commitment in cancer care extends beyond the four walls of this hospital. We extend our services to the community by conducting educational events and awareness campaigns to make people understand and follow healthy procedures which will help them to lead a healthy life style with reduced risks.
Our dedicated team of health care workers headed by Dr. Pratima S. Rao conducts camps, lectures and street plays as part of CEAC activities.

Education Programs for Children and Adolescents

Education Programs for Children and Adolescents

MIO have been keenly involved in educating children and adolescents on the ill effects of tobacco. We have been working with many school/college administrations and have given around 200 educative programs for the children and adolescents. A child prevented from the addiction of tobacco is like saving a family. MIO is committed to this social objective.

Education Programs for ASHA Workers

Education Programs for ASHA Workers

ASHA which stands for Accredited Social Health Activist is one of the key components of the National Rural Health Mission of India. The public education and community outreach cell of MIO conducted a series of seminars on cancer awareness among the ASHA workers.

Cancer Education on Wheels

MIO has initiated a “one of its kind” program where a vehicle inbuilt with audio-video system goes to places of public gathering and plays the video about cancer cause, signs and importance of early detection to the general population. Through this program we attempt to dispel the wrong beliefs among the general public and make them know the right facts on: the causes of cancer; tobacco abstinence; early signs of cancer and importance of visiting a doctor when the signs indicate possible cancer. The program has been very well appreciated and our objective of spreading the knowledge on cancer awareness is being achieved.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME is very important for the betterment of health care. CME helps healthcare professionals stay up to date with the latest developments within their specialty and enhance their skills to improve overall patient care. MIO has conducted CME for ENT, OBG and AYUSH doctors and the scientific programs have been highly appreciated by the participants and the health care fraternity.