As part of breast cancer awareness month, the Mangalore Institute of Oncology organized a breast cancer awareness programme at Forum Fiza Mall on Friday, October 28.

It was the programme meant exclusively for the visitors of the mall and every visitor was welcomed with a flower and a ribbon by the institute’s volunteers.

Speaking on the occasion, head of the radio oncology department and one of the directors of the institute, Dr Suresh Rao pointed out that the breast cancer like other forms of the cancer is the gift of the modern lifestyle.

“I address especially the youth present as their various habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, consuming excessive junk food can be the reason for the breast cancer in the later stages of life. If today’s youth have healthy lifestyle, they can avoid the breast cancer along with other forms of cancer. Today’s precaution can avoid the pain of cancer and also avoid the treatment cost.”

Another director of the institute and an eminent oncologist, Dr Jalaluddin Akbar said, “If diagnosed at early stages, the breast cancer can be cured completely and the person can lead a normal life. If any person is suspicious about the symptoms of not only the breast cancer but any form of the cancer, he or she can consult the specialists in the institute. Even though we have organized this programme as part of month wide breast cancer awareness around the globe, the centre is open for queries and superior treatment.”Dance performances by team RDX were also organized to entertain the gathered.