Global reports have clearly shown that hospitals and healthcare facilities that are not well maintained and cleaned as per the suggested guidelines are a high risk place for transmission of infection. There are elements in the environment of a healthcare facility that could actually facilitate the development and spread of infectious disease. Everything from the air in the building, the diagnostic apparatus being used, the beds used for patients and the people who work there can be potential carriers of contamination. Therefore controlling the spread of disease and minimizing the number of healthcare-associated infections are primary concerns for any healthcare facility that caters to critical patients.

At Mangalore Institute of oncology a conscious effort is made to control and minimize the infections by adhering to cleaning and sensitization principles recommended by NABH and the international hospital care guidelines. Our analysis has constantly shown that the quantity of dangerous bacteria like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus are very less. This in turn has assured that our efforts are in the right direction in preventing health-care associated infections and hospital-acquired infections among hospital staff, patients and their care givers. MIO always believes that prevention is always better than cure and this endeavor has always helped us provide the best care for our patients.