An awareness program on cancer was held for teachers and staff of Vijaya College Mulki on June 16th Friday 2023 by MIO Speciality Cancer Hospital. The director and senior radiation oncologist of MIO Speciality Cancer Hospital, Dr. Suresh Rao, the chief guest at the program, said that cancer has become a global epidemic today. He emphasised that it is necessary to know the common symptoms to detect the disease at an early stage. Previously, cancer was more common in people over 50 years of age. But in recent years, more and more young people are falling victims to cancer. Breast and uterine cancers are more common in women, while mouth and throat cancers are common in men. Prostate cancer is common in older men. A changed lifestyle, diet, sedentary life, disregard for traditional dietary practices, and addiction to vices are all reasons for the increase in cancer. It is wise to take precautions to prevent cancer. Teachers are in a  responsible position in society and through them, this awareness message should reach all.


Mrs. Manasi Sudhir actress associated with MIO for creating awareness on cancer shared her experience of visiting and enquiring about the well-being of cancer patients at MIO. She also expressed her happiness at being able to serve at a deeper level for a noble purpose. Speaking on the occasion, Vijaya College Mulki Principal Mr. Shrimani Shetty said that many families in society have recently been affected by cancer and there are many cancer patients even in villages. Such awareness programs are very useful. Mr. Nagaraj Prabhu of Insurance Department at MIO provided detailed information about various insurance schemes during the program. PU Department Principal Famida Begum, Professor Sampath Kumar Student Welfare Officer, MIO PRO Rajesh Shetty, and staff member Ashok Nayak were present. A large number of teachers participated in the program.