The world no tobacco day was celebrated at MIO Pumpwell and MIO Hospital Karanagalpady on the 31 May 2018 highlighting the ill effects of tobacco on the well being of individuals. The event included slogans and posters displayed in and around our hospital premises on the dangers associated with smoking which also adds to cancer risk along with cardiovascular risks.

On the 30 May 2018, Mangalore Institute of Oncology participated in an awareness camp and Cancer screening programme at district hospital Udupi jointly organised by the district health and family welfare department, district surveillance unit Udupi and MIO.

Udupi D.C Ms. Priyanka Mary was the chief guest at the occasion and Dr. Rohini District Health Officer inaugurated the programme. Dr. Shrinath Baliga, Senior radio biologist and head of research at MIO delivered a talk on “the consumption of tobacco- present scenario of cancer in India, Importance of early detection of the disease and prevention methods with healthy life style” to the audience. Dr. Vidisha, clinical assistant at MIO performed cancer screening and Mr. Durgadas Adappa, Mr. Rajesh Shetty participated in the event along with Ms. Eildith Ramsay, visiting student from Glasgow Dental Hospital and school, United Kingdom.