The CEAC unit of Mangalore Institute of Oncology in association with JCI Mangalore Disha & JCI Mangalore Rise organized (Hair donation drive) organised a Breast cancer awareness programme on 25th October 2021. Dr. Krishna Prasad, senior Medical Oncologist delivered a talk on Breast cancer and emphasised that globally, it is the most common type of cancer and that it can affect up to one in eight women. Dr. Prasad also emphasised that advanced-stage breast cancer has no cure and therefore focus should be on early detection. He also stressed that women should be familiar with how their breasts normally look and feel and that they should immediately report any changes to their doctor. It is important that women of all ages regularly perform their own breast examination (Breast-self examination). Importance of clinical examination, and mammogram was emphasised through an animated video presentation. The program was attended by nearly 150 participants and was appreciated by the participants.