För Cialis 60 mg nätet When an individual is diagnosed with cancer patients and their families react in a variety of ways.Most people feel sad, worried, angry, and anxious. Under these circumstances, a counselor helps the patient and his family responds to their mixed emotions about life’s challenges in a healthy positive ways. Counselors cannot always solve problems, but they provide a safe place for people with cancer to talk about their concerns.

world of tanks 9.5 matchmaking chart MIO has the services of experienced counselors and they work with the individuals and their families. Our counselor helps the patient and his family.

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  1. Learn ways to cope with a cancer diagnosis and feel less beleaguered and in control
  2.  Manage anxiety, demoralization, perceived stress and depression.
  3. Coordinate with doctors and help in the management of the cancer symptoms and treatment side effects, such as pain, insomnia and fatigue.
  4. Talk about the concerns the patient and the family has after finishing treatment
  5. Guides patient and his family in understanding life after treatment completion and to adjust to the changes in routine.

enter site At MIO we offer individual, family and group counseling on a regular basis. They work closely with our pain and palliative care team to help people manage pain, stress, and related concerns. In extreme case of mentally disturbed conditions, our psychologists refer the aggrieved members to mental health specialists outside MIO for pharmacological treatments and long-term counseling. In the past five years MIO has counseled over 5,000 patients and their family members and also integrated yoga and other art of living as a adjunct for the benefit of the patient and their care givers.


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