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Public Education & Community Outreach public education

click here Cancer is today one of the top three leading cause of death and worse creates fear and stigmas arising from ignorance, misconception and misbelieves. Further cancer is now being recognized to be a life style disease and that more than 30% of all cancer cases could be prevented or delayed by modifying lifestyle or avoiding risk factors especially tobacco,  alcohol and sedentary life style.  Public Health is a very important aspect in healthcare and more so in Oncology, because almost 1/3rd of all cancer cases can be reduced if they are detected at an early stage and promptly treated.

click MIO has been a leading cancer hospital in the area and being at the forefront of the fight against cancer, understand that empowering the locals is our duty. The public education and community outreach wing of the hospital work on educative modules to:

  1. Dispel myths and superstitions
  2. Create awareness of the disease and its cause
  3. To help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer,
  4. Encourage seek treatment at an early stage

cita casual chat Some of the important social awareness program that are being organized to promote community awareness of cancer prevention and early detection are:

Education Programs for children and adolescents: pubedu4

binäre optionen demo konto Global and Indian studies have proved that tobacco is a major cause of cancer and that people who start its use early are at greater risk in developing cancer at a early age. Children and adolescents are our future and we at MIO have been keenly involved in educating children and adolescents on the ill effects of  tobacco. We have been working with many school/college administrations and have given around 200 educative programs for the children and adolescents. A child prevented from the addiction of tobacco is like saving a family and MIO is committed to this social objective.

Education Programs for ASHA Workers

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treading an line binario ASHA which stands for Accredited Social Health Activist is one of the key components of the National Rural Health Mission of India. The objective of this very important Government initiative is to provide every village in the country with a trained female community health activist as an interface between the community and the public health system. The public education and community outreach cell of MIO conducted a series of seminars on cancer awareness among the ASHA workers. The principal objective was on train-the-ASHA to implement health intervention strategies via grassroots transmission of information about both men’s and women’s cancers. The results indicate that our programs enhanced the knowledge of the ASHA workers on cancer causes and signs.  We hope that the knowledge imparted to the ASHA workers will be carried on to the community and the objective of a healthy society without tobacco will be achieved.

Cancer education on wheels

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go Improving the health of public often requires systematic education on the ill effects of tobacco and alcohol habits and their role in causing cancer. MIO has initiated a “one of its kind” program where a vehicle inbuilt with audio-video systems goes to places of public gathering and plays the video of cancer cause, signs and importance of early detection to the general population. Through this program we attempt to dispel the wrong beliefs among the general people and make them know the right facts on: the causes of cancer; tobacco abstinence; early signs of cancers (like lumps, sores, bleeding, hoarseness, weight loss and persistent indigestion/cough/pain, etc.) and importance of visiting a doctor when the signs indicate possible cancer. The program has been very well appreciated and our objective of spreading knowledge on cancer awareness is being achieved.

To Payback the Society

that has Loved & Blessed us is our Duty

We do understand the importance of Public Awareness, Early Stage Detection & prompt Treatment.
we have our public education & community outreach wing who is been actively involved in educating people in around the city including the rural areas.

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