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Continuing Medical Education for Medical Professionals

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tiger opzioni binarie Continuing medical education is an important aspect for doctors. These are short term educational and hands on experience teaching programs that are aimed at developing, or increasing knowledge, skills, and professional performance of the doctors. Continuing medical education is now an important aspect in healthcare as these programs will benefit the patients, public and the profession as a whole.

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beginner binary options winning strategy MIO’s objective is also to create a learning platform and design programs to improve knowledge and advance the ability of general physicians and surgeons in basic aspects of cancer and clinical oncology. In the teaching module, emphasis is placed on basics like cancer genetics, and in clinical aspects like detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The subjects are taught by experts by considering the needs and applicability in the respective disciplines’. In the recent past MIO conducted two 1 day CME’s and the details are as follows:


Head and Neck Cancers:

http://big-balloon.nl//wp-content/uploads/files/guest/wpfoot.php Head and Neck (H&N) cancers are a major health problem in India. Statistics indicate that in Indian men the cancers of the H&N are the most common while in females it is the second most frequent. MIO conducted a one day CME on Recent advances in H&N cancers on 12th Jan 2016. The program was presided by Professor Dayakar Poonja, a senior H&N surgeon. The program was attended by 74 doctors from all over Karnataka and parts of Northern Kerala. The training programs addressed topics on epidemiology, molecular biology, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy in H&N cancers. Drs Dinesh Shet, Krishnaprasad, Shrinath Baliga, Rohan Chandra Gatty, Jallauddin Akbar, and Suresh Rao delivered the lectures in the respective deciplines. The program was well received by the participants.

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Gyneac Oncology:

follow At global levels, gynecologic cancers which mean cancers affecting the woman’s reproductive organs (cervix, ovaries, uterus, vagina and vulva) are on a rise. In India changes in life style habits and sedentary life has increased the incidence of gynecologic cancers and the worrying aspect is that most women are developing these cancers at an early age. The confounding factors are that each gynecologic cancer is unique, with different signs, symptoms, and risk factors. MIO conducted a one day CME on Gyneac Oncology. The program was presided by Professor Latha Sharma, a senior Gynecologist of Karnataka. The program was attended by 55 doctors from all over Karnataka. The training dealt on the various basic and clinical aspects of gynecological cancers and Doctors Dinesh Shet, Krishna prasad, Shrinath Baliga, Rohan Chandra Gatty, Jallauddin Akbar, and Suresh Rao delivered the lectures.


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