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Radiation Oncology

Aim of Radiation Therapy : Shoot the Tumor ....Save the Man.

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. Physicians have been treating patients with radiation therapy safely and effectively for more than 100 years. Estimates are that nearly two-thirds of cancer patients are treated with radiation during their illness and also to prevent relapse.

Methods of Radiation Therapy

External Radiation

External beam radiation therapy uses a high-energy x-ray machine — called a linear accelerator (linac) — to direct radiation to the tumor. It is a cancer treatment modality that uses doses of radiation to destroy cancerous cells and shrink tumors. The procedures include 3D conformal radiation therapy, IMRT, IGRT, TomoTherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery. The procedure lasts a few minutes, and is typically repeated several times a week over several months.

MIO is the second cancer treating centre in India and the first in the state of Karnataka to use the Rapid Arc radiotherapy technology. In this procedure, a highly concentrated dose of radiation is delivered to the tumor area with high speed and shorter treatment time. Treatments that once took 30-45 minutes can sometimes be accomplished in as little as a single rotation of the machine around the patient, that is, in about 2 minutes. Rapid Arc is more effective than any other irradiation machines in causing the tumor to shrink and does not affect the normal cells in the vicinity of the tumor. This consequentially causes less pain and better quality of life to the patient.

In the past five years we have treated nearly 4,000 patients with different cancers and the results indicate that most patients have had very high tumor cell kill, lesser side effects and better quality of life. In teh past five years we have treated people with cancers in Head and Neck, lung, brain, breast, liver, stomach, pancreases, colon, rectum, prostate, ovarian, endometrial, cervical, Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, penile, fibrosarcoma. It is heartening to observe that we have nearly 70% survival in people treated when their cancer was in early stages and about 38% when people had come with advanced cancers.


Internal radiation also called as brachytherapy. It is derived from the ancient Greek words for short distance (brachy) and treatment (therapy) and is also referred to as seed implantation. It is a procedure where the radioactive “seeds” are carefully placed inside the cancerous tissue and positioned in a manner that will kill most cancer cells and has now been used for over a century. This procedure allows doctors to deliver higher doses of radiation to more-specific areas of the body, compared with the conventional form of radiation therapy (external beam radiation) that projects radiation from a machine outside of the body. Brachytherapy is an outpatient procedure. Brachytherapy may cause fewer side effects than does external beam radiation, and the overall treatment time is usually shorter.

MIO has the best machine that precisely delivers the radioactive seeds in to the tumor target. We have the most experienced doctors to plan and implant the treatment source. In the past 5 years we have done this procedure for about 500 women with cervical cancers and about 300 oral especially cancers of the tongue. From our experience Brachytherapy has been proven to be effective and safe, while reducing the risk of certain long-term side effects and the results observed in the treatment of the tongue has been extremely good with people having cancer free survival even after four years of their treatment completion.

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