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Medical Oncology

Shrink the cancerous Tumors or Stop cancer from growing and Spreading.

Our Medical Oncologists are experienced in delivering targeted, individualized chemotherapy options while also proactively managing side effects.

Medical Oncology department deals with the treatment of cancer using drugs (chemotherapy). It is called a “systemic treatment” because the drug, entering through the blood stream, travels throughout the body and kills cancer cells at their sites. The drugs in most cases destroy cancer cells wherever they may exist in the body. Chemotherapy may be the only treatment, or it may be supplemented with other treatments, such as surgery and/or radiation therapy. It is an important modality in treating various cancers and is has a curative role in lymphomas, leukemia and germ cell tumors. MIO has state of the art facilities to undertake outpatient chemotherapies in a specialized day care unit. The trained personnel prepare the drugs in the in house sterile bio-safety cabinets and administer them to the patients with utmost care and in accordance to the stipulated international guidelines.

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